Monday, July 25, 2011

Reed's Golden Ticket Contest

Reed's Golden Ticket Contest

I'm offering access to the thumbnails of the first episode of my comic <- EXIT ->

I'm looking for <- EXIT -> fan art. Character drawings, costume reinterpretations, even joke comics, I'd love to see it all.

- No nudity or profanity, this is going to be a rated G comic so I won't be able to post any art that has dirty language or questionable content.
- Please make it relate to the comic in some way, I know I haven't posted a lot of info about it but there are character drawings located here -
- Have fun with it, I'll be picking submissions based on how much I like the work which includes, style, cleverness, or humor so if you aren't an artist don't worry, just have fun.
- You can post your art any where, just make sure you alert me that its out there. I'll be putting all the fan art onto my tumblr and then later into a fan art section of the comic website. I'll make sure you're credited when i repost your artwork.

The deadline is September 1st for submissions and I'll make an announcement of the winners within a few days.

- Reed

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